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Sneak Peek at the Cover of Star 82 Review 8.1

Star 82 Review is calling. Will you answer? Here's what is coming up for the spring/March cover of Star 82 Review, 8.1. Looking, as usual, for creative, gentle, and fresh art and writing. If you sign up on the website or here at the sidebar, you will receive quarterly mailings and discounts on the latest issues.

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Star 82 Review's Pushcart Prize Nominations for 2019-20

It's great for writers to have so many awards to be nominated to, but that means lots of difficult choices for the editors. Once again, here are the six Pushcart Prize Nominations from Star 82 Review, this time for works published in the year 2019. And again, even if you were not nominated, please know that your work is loved and appreciated! Good luck to all.

Borders and Boundaries by Carol Dorf (7.2)

Gardening by Sarah Shapiro (7.2)

Why We Sing by Oak Morse (7.3)

pi-stash-ee-oh, -stah-shee-oh by Seth Grindstaff (7.4)

Crescent Moon Autobiography by Alia Hussain Vancrown (7.2)

Still Dogwood by Carmen Gordon-Rein (7.3)

Star 82 Review 7.4 Is Here!

Star 82 Review issue 7.4 features the absurd and the serious, lighthearted fun and deep thoughts, all to delight our way and lift our spirits. We have some wonderful art, predictive and found poems, a look back at New York City, poems about foster kids, a pond, and lethargy, and a variety of other playful and human interactions.

Online link to 7.4 is here.
Link to the print copy of 7.4, available from Lulu, is here. (The link is also at the bottom of the online web page.)

Contributors Geonni Banner Amita Basu Wendy Bourke Rebecca Buller Roger Camp Marizio Caste Martha Christina Jane Costain John Darr Liz DeGregorio Coz Frimpong Laura Garrison Darryl Graff Seth Grindstaff Richard Herring Michael Hill LuAnne Holladay Shaun Holloway Linda Lowe Rebecca Minnich ayaz daryl nielsen Toti O'Brien Steven Pelcman Dan Richman Lindsay Shen Mark Simpson John L. Stanizzi Robert Stone Gene Twaronite Jennifer Woodworth

Nominations for Best Microfiction

This year, the limit from the folks at Best Microfiction was four stories, maximum 400 words. It's always hard. And I love you all! More nominations for other awards coming soon.

Community Policing by Elancharan Gunasekaran (214 words)
Campsis Hearts by Olivia Germann (58 words)
Three Wishes by K.M. Crane (82 words)
Still Dogwood by Carmen Gordon-Rein (224 words)
Good luck!

Star 82 Review 7.4 Is Coming Soon!

Sign up for the mailing list at the pop-up link and receive notice and special discount for the next issue of Star 82 Review. Nominations for the Pushcart Prize will be announced when the issue is out! Meanwhile, I'm always reading, and grateful for all of you!

Sneak Peek at the Cover of Star 82 Review, Issue 7.4

I'm still reading for winter, issue 7.4. So far, we've got art with humorous twists and we're contemplating snakes, bonsai, pistachios and possums. A quirky and eclectic mix. I'm sure you have something polished and interesting; send it along!

Nominations for the 2020 Orison Anthology

Every year, as an editor, I have a chance to nominate work to other presses. Orison Books, which describes itself as "a literary press, focused on the life of the spirit from a broad range of perspectives," puts out a call to editors for works that have a "transcendent effect" and "leads the reader into profound contemplation." I feel this way about nearly all the works that are featured in Star 82 Review, so, as usual, it's a hard call. Here are the nominations, from 2019, for the 2020 Orison Anthology.

From 7.1
"Still, it's gone" by Simon Perchik
"Timbrel Flowers" by Yoram Naslavsky, translated by Anthony Berris

From 7.3
"Why We Sing" by Oak Morse
"Time Over" by Nicholas DelloRusso

Good luck to all!