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Star 82 Review back issues on Etsy

In a previous life, I went to book fairs and bought extra copies of Star 82 Review from the print-on-demand service that I use. After keeping one of each for myself, I found I have several back issues from 2013-2019 to offer to you at a discount at nevermindtheart . All the *82 content on the web is free, of course, but maybe you had an issue you particularly liked but never got around to getting a copy to hold in your hand. You can now do that  here .
Recent posts

*82 Editor Interview

For many years Jim Harrington has been posting editor interviews on his blog, Six Questions For…. As a writer, I find these interviews extremely helpful; I can get a feel for the listed magazines by the mood and style of the editor's answers. As an editor, it gives me a chance to give you the same. Today Jim has posted my second interview with him here . The first interview was in 2014, in the very early years of *82, here . Many thanks to Jim for continuing this invaluable resource! And the guidelines for submission to *82, as always, are here .

Still Reading for Star 82 Review 9.4

I'm still reading for the winter issue. It's a nice time to sit down with your old work and comb through it, discovering a gem in the midst of fallen leaves. I love reading compressed fiction and prose poems and creative nonfiction written as lyrical stories. You've got it somewhere there. I know you do.

Sneak Peek at Winter Cover 9.4

Keep 'em coming! Submissions are still open for the winter 9.4 issue of Star 82 Review, with a projected publication date of mid-December. Check out the guidelines first. Here is a sneak peek at the cover.

Nominations for Best of the Net 2020-2021

 I love all the work that I publish in Star 82 Review , so it is always difficult to nominate only a handful for various contests. Here are the nominations for 2020-2021 Best of the Net , covering eligible issues 8.3, 8.4, 9.1, and 9.2, and from Star 82 Press, to the fullest extent allowed. To all the contributors ever, listed or not: thank you for your continuing interest and support of *82 Review; you are appreciated and loved. Good luck to all the nominees! POETRY Sleep Study by Heikki Huotari Making Up by Trivarna Hariharan When Trapped by Christian Hanz Lozada The Boxer by Sandra Kacher Rain by M.C. Aster Nostalgia by Deonte Osayande STORIES The Kiss by Simon Howells Hidden Teeth by Rachel Prizant Kotok NONFICTION Super Human by Nam Hoang Tran Gypsy Taxi by Lindsey LeCroy ART The Pool by Cara Goldstein Saying Goodbye by Lia Mageira Still Life with Reflecting Globe by Geonni Banner

Star 82 Review 9.3 Is Live!

Fall issue, Star 82 Review 9.3 is now available free online here . Or support the magazine and hold a print copy in your hand by getting one or more from print-on-demand publisher, Lulu here . Many thanks to all the contributors for our thirty-fifth issue.