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Star 82 Review: Always Reading, Still Looking for 11.4

It's that time of year when everything is briefly pumpkin, then peppermint, but it does not affect the reading schedule for Star 82 Review  (I do not tend to publish seasonal/holiday work). However, I'm still looking for thoughtful and unexpected pieces for issue 11.4, due out mid- late-December. Submission guidelines are here: Yes, And?
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Nominations for Best of the Net 2024

As usual, thank you to all the contributors to *82 Review . I always have a hard time deciding, but please know I love you all! Here are the nominations from Star 82 Review (and links to the works) for Best of the Net from 2022-2023, issues 10.3, 10.4, 11.1, and 11.2. Good luck! The faucet is leaking dear by Jessie Lian Goodbye by Ivars Balkits Prison Poetry Reading by Paul Hostovsky The Lost and Found by Peter Cherches Experiment 6.13.22 by Jessica Hsu The Sea Speaks by Royal Rhodes * Chrysalises by Amy Marques Meditations in the Center of a Maelstrom by Leslie Benigni * Live Wire by Mark Foss Our Last Summer in Santa Cruz by Deepti Nalavade Mahule * Baby Elephant by Kay Bradner Singe by Kristina Nobleman Spadefoot Spasm by Lauren Ari

Sneak Peek at the Cover of Star 82 Review 11.4

I'm reading for winter for  Star 82 Review, our forty-fourth issue. As usual, looking for thoughtful, kind work that connects to both emotional truths and the wider world. Guidelines are here . Thanks!

Star 82 Review 11.3 Is Live Online!

Welcome to Fall! Star 82 Review issue 11.3 (our 43rd), is now available, both online and print. In this issue we have light and mist, the solid and the ethereal, and many pieces lit with light humor. Read freely online here . Or hold a full-color print copy in your hand, which you can get from Lulu here . Thanks for reading and to the wonderful contributors for their thoughtful pieces.

Star 82 Review 11.3 Is Now in Production

Thanks to everyone who has sent work to be considered for our fall issue, 11.3. I believe we have an intriguing issue ahead of us! (due out mid-late September) Meanwhile, as usual, I am always reading for the future. Read all my guidelines and I'll happily read your work. And if you do send work and wish to hear back, please make sure my message from will get through your filters!

Sneak Peek at the Cover of Star 82 Review 11.3

Summer issue 11.2 is out and now I'm reading for fall 11.3. Here's a peek at the cover. Check the guidelines here  (long and thorough) and send me something. Aim for kind, heartfelt, and thoughtful, and maybe even imaginative and fun.

Star 82 Review 11.2 Is Here!

In this summer issue 11.2, the poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art highlight meaningful places in which to hide and explore and emotional waves to catch. We have some amazing artwork, from photographs to installations, collages to watercolor and ink drawings, as well as heartfelt stories and poems. Thanks, as always, to all of the contributors, and to you readers. Contributors Duane Anderson Stewart Arend Ace Boggess K.M. Crane Penny Davis Tiffany Dugan Melissa M. Frye Jeremiah Gilbert Jessica Hsu Sandra Kacher Ray Malone Amy Marques Dana Kinsey Tricia Knoll Irina Tall Novikova Jonathan Odell Royal Rhodes Georgia Riordan Jean Ryan CLS Sandoval Mark Shaw Austin Thornton Nam Hoang Tran Kinwah Tsang