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Update: Star 82 Review 7.1 in Production

Hi everyone! I've navigated the new print-on-demand system and ordered the first print proof of Star 82 Review, spring issue 7.1. I'll be working on web pages soon, looking at an early/mid-March launching. If you sign up for the Quarterly Mailing List in the sidebar, you'll get an pre-publication email alert and, as a thank you, a little discount on print copies (current contributors get a larger discount). The mailing list will not be shared. Spring is coming!

Recent posts

Ricky Ray's Debut Book of Poetry

Ricky Ray's poem from Star 82 Review issue 5.3, "As the Coal Cries" is included in his new book, which launches at AWP in March. You can preorder it from Diode Editions. Congratulations, Ricky!

Found Poem for Star 82 Review, Issue 7.1

Here is the poem created from either the first two or last two words from each written piece upcoming in Star 82 Review, spring issue 7.1.

mad inhabitants keeping time for me
I refinish  My house for life
low ceilings  close again after me
Inside the plane after my magic
I wanted really necessary people walking
see them all out seedy crowd
it is me too remember it

Watch This Space for the Poem from 7.1

For every issue I create a poem from either the first two or last two words from each written piece. A compilation of twenty of these poems are included in the Star 82 Review 5th Anniversaryissue.

Sometime in the next couple weeks I'll be posting the new poem here.

Star 82 Review, issue 7.1 is wrapping up, and I'll be laying it out for the print issue and creating web pages for a spring release.

Meanwhile, I'm now reading for summer 7.2. I know it's cold now, but think warmer!

Calling for One More Poem or Microfiction for 7.1

It looks like I need just one more short (one page) piece for the upcoming Star 82 Review, spring 7.1 issue. How about something nautical: sea, ocean, ships, fish, fishing, shorebirds, sea birds, other? Send it on over now!

Tips for the 3rd Person Bio

A short bio shows confidence and is more likely to be read. Many things that you do are important and meaningful, but not all of them need to go into your bio. Before you submit your work somewhere, take a look at how the bios are structured. For a writer, a basic third-person bio would include about 50-75 words, with one sentence for each point:

Your name and who you are and/or what you do.Book publication (if you have one or more: title of work plus press name in parentheses is good).3-5 magazines where your work appears. The list can say "among others" or "in various magazines including" to point out that there are more.If you won an award, by all means, you can add that, but nominations are fairly common, so leave them out. Top it off with your geographical location andMaybe one quirk or interest for flavor. An artist' bio often includes a statement about a specific work or about the artist's philosophy in general. That makes it a little different, and s…

Sidebar Sign-Ups for Quarterly Mailings

If you would like to be one of the first to hear about new issues and get a special deal on print copies, please check out the sidebar for an emailing list from *82 Review. It is kept private and used only for sweet quarterly news from *82 Review.